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Career planning and development

You are an academic or reseacher because you love it, even with all its challenges!  You work hard, probably too hard, and you may have had some early successes.  But you may also have struggled with job insecurity, a competitive environment, difficulties winning research funds and finding time to write (well!). How do you deal with these to build a long-term, successful and rewarding career? 

This workshop is designed for those completing their PhDs and early career researchers.  The workshop will:

·   Provide proven techniques to help you plan and take charge of your career

·   Foster skills for enhancing academic success, including working smart, networking, and mentorship (how to find a good mentor, and how to be one!) 

·   Focus on how to carve out your niche and create a competitive edge

Format: Offered as a face-to-face workshop, organised via Research Managers or Universities (if you are an individual researcher, contact us about career coaching, or see our summarised digital version)  

Workshop duration: Can be tailored as a half day or full day workshop

Ideal for: PhD students and Early Career Researchers

Participant numbers: Ideal for up to 30

Cost: For cost and other workshop enquires please contact us at

For enquiries about our workshops or other services, please complete the form and we will contact you shortly

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