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Career planning

Long-term academic career planning (

I could do anything if I only knew what it was (Barbara Sher and Barbara Smith) 

Writing an effective academic CV (Elsevier) 

Grant writing

Research funding: 10 tips for writing a successful application (The Guardian) 

Top 10 tips for grant writing (Tammy King) 

The extra bits of a grant application: A cheat sheet (Nature jobs) 

Paper writing and publishing


Writing for an academic journal: 10 tips (the Guardian)

How to get published in high-impact journals (Nature jobs) 

Academic life

The Research Whisperer (Tseen Khoo and Jonathan O'Donnell)

Changing academic life podcast (Geraldine Fitzpatrick)


The #1 key to academic success (Happy Academic blog, Kylie Ball)

How a mentor can assist your academic career (Capstone Editing)

Why is it so hard to find mentors? (Inside Higher Ed)

Ten tips for finding an effective mentor (Nature jobs blog)

Career Toolkit: Mentoring (Nature jobs)

How to find good mentors (Academic Ladder)

Time Management and productivity

Time Management tactics for Academics (How to do Great Research, Professors Nick Feamster and Alexander Gray)

Supercharged academic productivity (The Thesis Whisperer)


Network for success: 5 non-scary networking strategies (Happy Academic blog, Kylie Ball)

Top five ways to better academic networking (Thesis Whisperer)

Building professional and academic networks (University of Melbourne Graduate Research Hub)

Networking in academia (J Streeter)

Networking in academia: A how-to guide (Inomics)

How to develop successful networking skills in academia (

How to increase your academic network through email (Academia Stack Exchange)

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