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Winning grants and fellowships

All of us working in university or research settings need to write and win grants or fellowships if we are to test our ideas.  National success rates for many schemes are depressingly low, so how do you approach writing a grant or fellowship, and what are the secrets to success?


This workshop will:

·         Support participants to develop a funding strategy

·         Discuss where and when to begin

·         Identify what funders are looking for

·         Provide key tips on writing the proposal 

·         Explore strategies to remain resilient

Format: Offered as a face-to-face workshop, organised via Research Managers or Universities (if you are an individual researcher, contact us about career coaching) 

Workshop duration: 3 hours

Ideal for: Researchers at any career stage

Participant numbers: Ideal for up to 30

For enquiries about our workshops or other services, please complete the form and we will contact you shortly

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