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Resilience and balance

Life as a researcher can be tough. We face job insecurity, intense competition for funding, and repeated rejections of our papers and funding applications. The pressure is often so intense that it can feel necessary to work around the clock just to keep up. This can result in us neglecting other important aspects of our life, and can lead to stress, frustration, exhaustion and burnout. 

It doesn't have to be this way. This workshop will:

·         Share experiences and coping strategies for dealing with rejections and other challenges

·         Help participants recognise and challenge self-defeating thoughts and Imposter Syndrome

·         Provide effective evidence-based strategies and resources for remaining resilient

·         Re-frame the concept of 'work-life balance' to a more helpful framework 

·         Support participants to develop their own burnout prevention and resilience strategy

Format: Offered as a face-to-face workshop, organised via Research Managers or Universities (if you are an individual researcher, contact us about career coaching) 

Workshop duration: 3 hours

Ideal for: Researchers at any career stage

Participant numbers: Ideal for up to 30

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