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Leadership and people management for early- and mid-career researchers

How do you recruit good people to your research team? How do you develop them, and encourage them to do a good job? What do you do if they don’t do a good job? What about a group of people – how do you manage and motivate a team? 


This  program addresses these questions and more. It is designed for early- and mid-career researchers, from those who are relatively new to managing people, through to those with some experience who are keen to acquire new skills to lead more effectively.  The program provides practical strategies for effective people management and leadership in research.

Key learning outcomes

Participants in the program will acquire:

  • Techniques for attracting and keeping good staff (and students)

  • Good people management and leadership practices that will earn cooperation and respect

  • Communication and feedback skills for motivating staff and improving performance

  • Techniques for handling staff performance problems or team conflict

  • Self-awareness through reflection on leadership styles, strengths and barriers

  • Membership of a developing ‘leadership network’/community of practice to foster a sustained leadership culture, learning and social support


Sample two-day agenda (can be tailored)

Day 1

Management vs. leadership; why manage and lead?

  • Building a team

  • Developing and managing your staff

  • Leadership self-reflection and planning


Day 2

  • Motivating your staff

  • Dealing with staff and team problems

  • Your leadership toolkit

Format: Offered as a face-to-face workshop, organised via Research Managers or Universities (if you are an individual researcher, contact us about career coaching) 

Workshop duration: From 3 hours (taster) to 2 days

Ideal for Early- and Mid-Career researchers and PhD students

Participant numbers: Ideal for up to 30

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