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Comprehensive career development program

Research managers face many challenges in supporting their early- and mid-career researchers to be successful in a competitive sector. We have developed an effective comprehensive program that does just that.

 We can work with research managers, School, Faculty, University or other organisational leaders to implement the program among your team. Key benefits include a more engaged and competent workforce; increased staff confidence and reduced work-related distress; stronger connections among team members; reduced time and money invested in ad-hoc career development programs that may not produce sustainable results; and a more vibrant and positive research culture. Participants have described the program as highly engaging, useful and 'internationally unique'.


The package can be tailored to your needs, and can include some or all of the following: 

·         Consultations with our expert staff and creator of the program, to determine your specific needs

·         Needs assessment with other key stakeholders (e.g. early- and mid-career researchers themselves; other staff involved in supporting early- and mid-career researcher development in your organisation)

·         Full details of the career development model, elements, steps and instructions provided in a written report 

·         Capacity building with research leaders to support implementation of the program

·         Practical workshops with early- and mid-career researchers, as part of the implementation of the program

·         Evaluation support to determine the impact of the program 

·         Links and referrals to other career development resources 

·         Follow-up workshops or support to promote sustained benefits

Ideal for: Anyone charged with leadership of early- or mid-career researchers. 

          Please contact us to discuss how this program can help you.

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