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Inspiring research excellence

Are you struggling with the challenges of working in research? The research landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. Funds are hard to come by, there's never enough time to write, jobs are less secure, and career planning seems impossible. Or perhaps you are a non-researcher, looking to build capacity in research or evaluation for your organisation.


We can help.  At Indago Academy we are passionate about helping to build a culture of research capability and excellence and developing rising stars.

Whether you are an early- or mid-career researcher working to develop your career; an established researcher seeking to enhance your productivity; or a leader wanting to invest in developing researchers and research and evaluation capacity, we can help you to work smarter and plan for success.

As highly experienced researchers and mentors, we inspire research excellence through creating better researchers, better careers, and better research leaders.

Our founder
  • Is a highly experienced researcher and research leader

  • Consistently ranks in the top 1% of the field internationally

  • Has a track record of grant and fellowship funding success

  • Links with other higher education experts

  • Is an award-winning mentor dedicated to supporting researchers

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